3D Audio

Ultra-realistic, binaural audio, surround sound for headphones.  Simulates up to 8 distinct sound source positions per audio track.  Sound sources may be placed anywhere in 3D space around the listener’s head: full 360deg front/back/left/right, 180deg up/down, and in distance ranging from touching the head to far away.  Sources may be stationary or automated to move on any user-defined 3D path through space.

For moving sources, the doppler effect may be optionally enabled.  With the doppler effect enabled, the speed of sound may be specified to be anywhere from 0.1m/s to 500m/s (~343m/s being typical for physical air).  Furthermore the doppler effect is not just a pitch shifter.  The algorithm also takes into account the real time delay for the sound to travel from each sound source to each of the listener’s ears, just like how sound propagates in the real world.  

Comes with some basic presets that will help get you started though example.  User-defined presets can be saved and reloaded for use at a later time.  Extremely easy to use with a straightforward help screen and editing features such as undo/redo, copy/paste, select all, etc.

Works inside any digital audio workstation (DAW) software that supports either the Audio Unit, VST, or VST3 plugin formats.  Supports any audio sample rate and buffer size.  Provides two processing modes: real-time rendering for continuous playback during editing, and high quality rendering for seamlessly smooth audio when processing the final version of your track.

Check out the demos below.  Make sure you put your headphones on!

Tour of 3D audio space:

Practical example to enhance a song:

The download includes the Audio Unit, VST, and VST3 plugin formats for Mac users and the VST and VST3 plugin formats for Windows users.  The Mac plugin formats are only 64bit compatible. The Windows formats come in both 64 and 32bit versions.  Mac users must have OSX 10.7 or later.  Windows users must have Windows 7 or later.  Linux is not supported at the moment.  Contact me if you really want a Linux copy and if there is enough interest I might make one.

Want the source code?  https://github.com/AndrewBarker12345/3DAudio

What are you waiting for?  Start enhancing your audio today!

Download the free demo version (limited to 15 min of use at a time and saving is disabled):

Purchase the full version: