Welcome to Freedom Audio.

My mission is to provide exceptional audio plugin tools for musicians, producers, and all who work with sound.  The idea is that your tools should set you free and empower you to produce creative sounds, rather than making you a slave to them.  Being a musician and producer myself, I know first-hand what can hinder the creative process when computers and “modern” technology get involved.  Never before have we had the processing ability and flexibility we have today on personal computers, but making a great song takes much more than fancy sounds.  Ideals get lost in favor of ease of use and user experience suffers at the hands of profit.

This is why my plugins seek to deliver: 1) A+ top quality sound and reliability, 2) ease of use yet extreme flexibility, and 3) bang for your buck.  My plugins are extremely reasonably priced and are downloaded fully activated and functional upon purchase.  No license keys or other strings attached.  Furthermore, all the source code is made available under the GPL so that you are free to modify the software and redistribute it as you like so long as you keep it open source.  I give you this freedom because you deserve it.  For too long has closed source software and license key malfunction trashed the users’ experience.

However, in giving you this freedom I also ask you to honor the considerable amount of time and effort I spend in order to make the software as nice as I can.  Although legally permitted under the GPL, I am asking you to please not redistribute my work if it is unmodified by you.  If you do want to modify the software to improve it and then redistribute your modified version, go on ahead.  That is what open source is all about of course.  I just ask that you do not give my work away to others for free.  I make the prices as reasonable as I can to encourage you to purchase a copy.  If you do happen to receive my software for free and it is useful to you, please consider purchasing a copy for yourself to support my ongoing efforts to better the existing software and continue making other excellent audio tools for you.

Thank you for checking out Freedom Audio.  I wish you the best in your audio production endeavors!

Andrew Barker